Monday, November 15, 2004

you want fries with that?

I recently got an award at work, the 150$ night on the town, you guys might of read about that earlier, but jen and I are starting to spend the money on various things. the first thing was the incredibles. so that set us back about 20$. tonight i'm hungry and jen aint home, so that means I get pizza. thats about all i 'cook'. I called up the local take and bake pizza shop, pappa murphy's, and order me up one family size olive and mushroom pizza. with the coupon that comes to 9$. since it is a food 'entertainment' expense I think this will fall under my 150$ night on the town for when I turn all my receipts in. so its paid for. I called and ordered:

them: you want a drink with that?
me: no
them: you want bread sticks?
me: no
them: you want a drink with that?
me: uhhh.. no

so after we got it all straight that all i wanted was my pizza they said it would be ready for pickup in 15 minutes. so I drive over.

I go to the cashier and say i'm here for a family size mushroom and olive. so she starts to take my order down. I was looking all over for one wiht my name on it (I gave that when I called in) but didn't see it. so then somone says.. 'oh.. he just called'.

cashier: you want breadsticks with that?
me: no
cashier: you want a drink with that?:
me: no
cashier: ok.. you total is 8.99$, do you want anything else?

wow, I wonder how much stuff they slip in? does ANYONE actually not know what they want? i'm thinkin dan would fall for this.


Dan said...

Why would I fall for it? Usually they don't even bother asking me for stuff like that. I once had a salesman tell me I needed to get poked in the eye with a sharp stick or something like that, he was very upset, I thought it was funny.

forkev said...

the subaru dealer parts guy got upset at me when I found out a headlamp would be 300 smakers and so I asked him which aftermarket brand he recommended and where I could buy it. He said 'i DON"T know. we sell guinine subaru parts here."

hmmm, so would HE pay 300 for a headlamp?
i think not. I smell an employee discount.

as far as food places trying to cram you with 'extra's, it's how they make their money. most restraunts make money off the drinks (especially alchahol) and may break even or loose money on the actual food.