Wednesday, November 10, 2004

free magazines

when I lost one of the cube mates at work he took all of his magazines with him. they were free magazines, but still fun to read and every now and again they actually had something interesting to say about the industry.

I have found a place to get TONS of free mags if you are so inclined

you never know.. you might learn something!

so I filled out a few free subscriptions with my work address. for job title I put SENIOR ENGINEER, which i'm not but I'm gonna see how long it takes for someone to notice since we have a comunal mail drop.


forkev said...

i usually mispell my last name when requesting trash mail. it helps me sort it faster.

forkev said...

i reviewed and think maybe i'll load up my spam generator idea and autofill someone's email address into those email boxes.
I've got this great idea for a 'i hate my bosses email address' website where you can sign up email addresses for spam.
I beleive it's a real tool the industry is lacking - I need a good way to test Ella spam blocker anyways.

forkev said...

maybe i'll extend the services of

Sarah said...

For free magazines, I like FreeBizMag. What I really like is that I often get decent consumer magazines from them, too (Vegetarian Times, Outside, etc.).