Tuesday, November 09, 2004

suitcase worth considering? nah.

in looking for a rebuttle to keith's unfounded watch ad observation, I found descriptions of a 20,000$ suitcase with more info here. That baby had better come with a build in ice-maker that gets it's water from vapor in the air and a desalinator for the ocassional executive plane crash or i'm gonna feel jipped.


k2h said...

in addition to the desalinator, for when your plane crashes at sea, I'd like to add the following requirements

1) inflatable raft mode for those cold nights at sea.
2) homing becon so when your on the titanic you can find who's using your suitcase
3) motorized, so I can ride it in the airport
4) microwave, or some form of food processing.
5) inpentranable safe for my belongings
6) included sat. phone with free minutes
7) doubles as some type of weapon
8) build in vacuum device so I can vacuum seal my bags of cloths so I can fit more in.

THEN maybe it'd be worth 20k! great find. I loved reading it.

Dan said...

It may look tough, but my money is still on the DIA automated baggage system.

forkev said...

go dia.
i should have known that would come up again.