Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm Home

Last night I got released from the Hospital. That was very good since they didn't expect me to go home so early. It still hurts pretty good when I move around and I won't take more drugs that I really need to take. Speaking of which I slept well last night and didn't wake up needing drugs. I should be able to be back at work parttime next week. Once there I also should be able to do more than 'think' about what I can do and we should have first si on the first mobile ddr product coming out. (mobile ddr = ddr for your cell phone). I got to keep the hardware out of my back it looks pretty cool and is fairly light weight (aka titanium). I need to go find my tools and finish putting it back togather and get some pics online for you all to ooogle at. Many of the nurses were impressed by the hardware they pulled out.

My back is still stiff and hurting but hopefully I'll be up to snowshoeing and stuff by the time t-day rolls around. Since kevin was probably wondering there were lots of warnings on the release forms about engaging in sexual activity before you should.



forkev said...

it must be my haircut: i'm loosing my powers.
I had not considered the ramifications of such an act with poor back.

now i'm busy trying to think of an appropriate use for small/moderate quantities of titanium - maybe you should reassemble the hardwear (without the blood) and frame it (in a sealed fashon). that baby would make a great family heirloom, much like the asbestos sign but MUCH more inturesting.

palegreenhorse said...

hurrah! i'm glad to "hear" that you are doing well dan. i'm looking forward to seeing the titanium parts at thanksgiving.