Wednesday, November 17, 2004

thanksgiving project

the following is a proposal for our anual thanksgiving project. I'll recap on the projects so far:
*water rocket launcher
*water rocket with deployable chute that marginally worked (kev)
*? it seems I can't think of a third thing

how about we dig up a starter and a 12V battery and make some kind of motorized go-cart / scooter thinggy. somone at work said a starter may be capable of 40mph so I'll bring my motorcycle helmet. if we got real fancy we could build a variable pulse width controller and run it through a huge FET (or bunch of transistors) for speed control.

kev, you stripped the starter off of the beater when you gave it to the junkyard right? =)


forkev said...

after destroying two cars, i've NO starters to show for it.
i've some mirrors and floor mats though. that can help the cause.

I'm a big fan of the HUGE slingshot idea. it seems to me that 20$ of surgical tubbing would, shall we say, go a long way.

palegreenhorse said...

i think the thanksgiving project should be to make fireworks.
are they legal in idaho?

Sarah said...

Here's an amusing project:

k2h said...

our projects seem to go the other way.. did that vaguely remind anyone of the chair we destroyed last year? after I said 'wow.. cool'... I got the urge for that crowbar-of-mine that dan now retains.