Monday, November 22, 2004

surgical tubing

heres my crappy info on surgical tubing. I really don't know where to get it but heres some ideas i've scrapped off the net

*Archery/hunting shops carry a black rubber tubing used with peep sights. Often you can even find this in the archery section in Walm-mart. It works just as good as surgical tubing.
* Dive shop
* aquarium air hose?
* Home depot, plumbing section?
* bungee launching gliders
* pharmacy
*tubing from doityourself
*I use 3/8" latex tubing from Lowes Hardware
* Many marine fishing supply stores sell the rubber bungie
****Walgreens has it as does any surgical supply house...

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*ENGR 162 project
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tips: I use 4 strands of latex surgical tubing, 3/16" inner diameter with a wall thickness of 3/32". I have found that using many strands of small-size tubing works better than using a few strands of large-size tubing. Apparently the thinner tubing contracts faster when it is stretched and released, so the bolts come off the rails faster. When I switched from two strands of 3/8" tubing to three strands of 3/16", I added about 12 yards to my range. I added a fourth strand later just for more range.
* funelator
* surgical tubing as a paintball paint grenade


forkev said... has 50' for about $2.25, minimum 15$ order, minus shipping.
search for 'tubing' once the page loads.
i wrote them an email requesting a price estimate including shipping for 4 boxes. (200 feet)
sounds like a good deal, not that I have enough time to buy it.

forkev said...

as of 11.23.04 i got an email price quote back from Don Bagwell of which said:

"6 left, so it would be $13.50 plus $7.61 shipping."

sounds like a good deal. yet the description "Miscellaneous - Tubing, surgical. NSN 4720-01-345-5347. 1/8'ID, > >1/32'sidewall, 50' long. NOS(new old stock). " leads me to beleive it may be a bit weenie.