Monday, November 15, 2004

Baby Carrot Hoax

someone told me awhile ago that some 'baby carrot' manufacture got in trouble for wittling down normal carrots and selling them as baby carrots? jen, was that you? the reason I remembered this is one of my coworkers came in today with 2 huge carrots and told me that big carrots were only 70cents a pound and baby carrots were $1.50 a pound so he bought the big ones (and then promply threw the big end of one away cause his mouth wasnt big enough)


forkev said...

are you kidding!
baby carrots ARE wittled down big carrots. it's the vegitible industry's equivilent to a hot dog being the sum of all parts - except in this case, the parts are worth more then the whole.

palegreenhorse said...

i don't know about earlier carrots being large carrots, i vaguely remember hearing such a thing on the evening news back when i listened to that in like 8th grade. but i don't believe hardly anything the tv has to say, so i don't think so. google results showed the real small carrot. (wow i can't believe that came from the reno paper and i used google to find it out of all the web.)
personally i don't like the taste of the small carrots, i much prefer the large ones.