Thursday, November 04, 2004

Posting on Dan's behalf

Now imagine it inside. Posted by Hello


k2h said...

metal man!

how will your spine ever survive without it?!

nice pic man.. very nice.

forkev said...

now that the bionic man has had his superpower removed, he becomes as any other man.
I wonder if Samson got to keep his hair?

k2h said...

i've been looking at the awesome image for a few days now and I Have come to the conclusion that you have assembled it wrong. maybe you need to go back (hahah.. no pun intended) and have a look-see at the x-ray. My prediction is tha the screws point TOWARDS eachotther (90deg to where they are facing right now) and that the bars go on each side of the spine while the screws screw into the SIDE of the vertibrea? enlighten me.

Dan said...

For X-Ray's see ... Those are teh x-rays that I have gotten printed out. What you don't is the 100 or so other x-rays that have been taken, most of which I have had a chance to glance at in the surgeon's office. Whats more I also had the change to observe a layer by layer look at my spine with the hardware installed from a CAT scan that was done with a constrast aid (iodine of some kind). It was fasinating, but in the end, keith you are incorrect. The hardwere is assembled for the most part correctly. If you look very closely you may have observed that there were two sizes of screws. Some are 50mm and a few are 55mm -- I am not sure if I have them in the correct place. Also, the rods have become slighlty disformed due to that fact that they are primairly titanium and thus fairly soft so far as metal goes. Trust me the screws were poking into my body and were not very comfortable to lay down on. And there were points (mostly near the beginning before much scar tissue had formed) were it was fairly painful. If you observe the screws closly you will notice that the tips are not sharpened like wood screws. Also, on the tapered part of the screws some of the threads are only partially there helping the screw to act like a drill bit as it goes into the bone (cause splitting the bone would be very bad). Whats more the screws have some sort of special coating on them that helps prevent bone growth and scar tissue build up. The coating is not just a rubber that can be easily picked off it is on the threads as well and the threads are still fairly sharp and hard. Jennifer might have a better idea what the coating actually is, probably some special ceramic that is made to bond with the titanium screws.

palegreenhorse said...

well i don't know much about medical stuff and that is combined with me being an organic chemist, not inorganic means that i don't know much about the anti-fouling coating on your hardware.
from what i can gather on my short research excursion on the internet and sci-finder, the coating is most likely a titanium oxide type of ceramic coating that is made through either chemical of physical vapor deposition. titanium oxide forms a small film on almost all titanium, but it looks like that isn't impermiable enough so they have to enhance it a bit. i would be interested to know if they tested your blood for titanium to see if any of it leaked out.
by the way ceramic is a pretty broad term check out the definition at the american ceramic society but i think in this case, it is just titanium oxide, with perhaps a little bit of something else like tantalum.