Thursday, November 04, 2004

Cheap ISP

Every so often it can be useful to have dial up access. I was pointed to access-4-free by this financial advice from Modest Needs. Pretty straightforward, a one time setup fee of $4.95, and then it's free up to 10 hours/month. After that it's $1/hour up to $10, with $10 being the maximum monthly rate (which is still less than most ISPs). The beauty of it, though, as I see it, is that you can sign up sometime when it's needed, use it, and then forget about it until the next time. You don't have to worry about cancelling it because there's no fee for less than 10 hours/month. The other cool thing is that it's high quality, offering v90 and v92 in most places with virtually no dropped connections. Oh, yeah, and no ads.


forkev said...

does that mean my investment in a 12' dish to hack the wireless from the rich guys across the golf course was a poor investment on my part?

actually, our church is getting rid of a dish, and alodia won't let me take it as she wants no such hacking from her deck.

k2h said...

we have sbc DSL. (partnered with yahoo)

our DSL account comes with a free dialup account. there is a dialup just about anywhere. I think I gave the account info and access numbers to kev for him to load in his palm? you still got the info kev? cause if someone needs temp interent access, u can use my dialup for free!