Friday, November 05, 2004

nation wide walki-talki

talk about FREE advertising. I am totally sick of the phones that you can use as a walki-talki (sp?) that are very loud and anoying. if it wasn't bad enough that everyone and their dog is now on a cell phone they now have to make a public display out of it. the best part was when one of our coworkers had an argument with his wife in walki-talki mode and the dept. got to listen in. you could her it half way across the building it was so loud.

then today I hear someone basically reading the paper into one.

please STOP!

I can't wait until the perfect thought based communications so I don't have to be invovled in everyone elses absent personality. they are there (in person) but mentally they are 100/1000 miles away with the person they are talking with. its like walking past a bunch of zombies.


palegreenhorse said...

yup... i am sick of riding on the shuttle with people updating others, "I'm on the shuttle right now... what?...No, I'm on my way, I'm on the shuttle..."

Dan said...

Feel free to bump them (on a busy shuttle) so as to break the phone then they will buy a new one! More phones = more money for micron = more money for me!

Personally I won't answer my if its my family and I don't have time to talk or I'm doing something better, like talking to another person and if I'm in a group of people I won't talk long 'cause it feels really weird.

I love that so many people forget cube walls are not real walls.

Sarah said...

I'd just like to clarify that when Dan says "my family" he means his parents and sister, not me. I hope.