Tuesday, November 16, 2004

picking up pennies

for those who don't believe in picking up pennies (which is none of the current readers probably) check out this story about cashing in pennies.

then check out the coinstar faq's to find out that they charge 8.8% (they note that this means about 9 cents for every dollar for those who are incapable of understanding percentages, which makes you wonder how these people tip at resturaunts). so for all this man's work of picking up 3.5 tons of pennies over his lifetime, coinstar made $922.25.

so which is better, picking up pennies or finding a business where people will pick them up for you and then you get a cut of the profits?

1 comment:

forkev said...

i remember keith kicking one of the machines at the Raly's towards taho. it spit out a receipt worth a cent or two.

now, legged with that knowledge, i should try kicking one of those lotto vending machines and see what happens.