Thursday, November 11, 2004

define work

check out Wired's The Geek Guide to Kosher Machines which i read last nite.
1. define work. is this a physics thing? doesn't the human body consume energy?
2. review the 4th commandment. it does not discuss machines.
3. if industry is going to persue nitche markes, where is my stylish LL Bean bullet proof, knife resistent vest for inner city school kids?

I want to write a well formed reply to wired and see if it'll be published next month.
any ideas on how I should word it?


palegreenhorse said...

what exactly are you wanting to say in your letter to wired? are you wishing to mock another religion becuase you view their requirements as illogical?? jews hardly have the corner on the market there.

as for your kiddie vest you obviously don't listen to 'wait, wait, don't tell me.' check out miguel caballero it isn't for kids yet, but he is addressing a niche market for stylish bullet proof vests. oh ya and wired already did a small blurb on him.

forkev said...

actually i'm more inturesting in spining a complipment to the jewish sabbath that actually holds it sacred and commending an industry for taking into consideration religious perspectives when it manufactures products.
despite my jest on this blog, i'm honestly more inturesting in saying i'm impressed by it and happy to see a relegion 'orthodox judiesm' that has not sucumm to a modern taint.