Friday, November 19, 2004

google scholar

google scholar (beta) is a search engine targeted at finding academic information. now when I cheat on a paper i'll have reputable sources. I did a search for my last name, thinking someone wrote a paper, but acording to google scholar she did not =(. instead I found a Ms. Michelena with my last name that is affected by Mitochondrial disorder. I wonder what that is? I hope its not to bad, and if it is I hope its not genetic. if your otherwise inept... here is a link to the google scholar faq....


palegreenhorse said...

mmm i'm not too concerned.
it takes a lot of work to index everything and make it searchable and unless google has made a deal with scifinder they won't be catching my business. my paper was published in a journal called Langmuir, which is not an exceptionally well known acs journal unless you are in chemistry and then it has a lot of respect.

for searching current chemical related literature scifinder is the best since it allows searching that is particular to chemistry such as drawing a structure and searching for that. according to their statistics they add approximately 4,000 references daily and about the same number of substances (chemicals) and they also add 600-1300 reactions per week (involves multiiple chemicals). i don't know how many people scifinder employs but i am sure it isn't one person and five monkies. they include journals, patents, papers from meetings, books, dissertations, reviews, electronic only journals... a lot of stuff. so that's just chemistry related articles, i can't imagine trying to index all the non-chemistry stuff too.

for looking up the overall information on a particular compound (its synthesis, properties, and reaction) the Beilstein Handbook is the best. but considering how much literature is out there and how many chemical there are, the last supplement covered up to 1979. and they aren't lazy duff's either, it is just a lot of work to do the incredible indexing that they do (the CRC looks like a cream puff next to the Beilstein).

k2h said...

creme puff =) that makes me laugh... ahhhhhh..... Creemeeeeee puFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF (in my best homer accent)