Wednesday, February 28, 2007

VoIP sniffing

a good video.

CAIN looks like a fun program.
oh how I long for the days of hubbed network instead of our switched one.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


In the light of RSS screwing with us, is it time to get the dingy out and float nerdytales to a different vessel?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

recent comment updated

i placed a new script on the recents comments thing. its still screwed up cause blogger has screwed up the recent comments feed to feed old info as well as new, but I have high hopes in the hear future blogger will return it to its old glory of and uphold the ideal that RSS feeds NEW Info. at any rate, its implemented and in place and in its current state lets you see little of our 'history' as well as the new stuff.

*** ahhh.. never mind. looks like its off by a year. we'll let it ride for a few days and if it doesn't 'fix itself' i'll finda new script

social outsourcing

first off, I want to point out again that the recent comments info is both useless and ugly on this blog. it is probably the sole reason i dont keep tabs on nerdy tales as much as I did before. maybe we should just remove it and rely on the rss feed for new comment info?

I've been reading 'the world is flat' and it so far it has provided an interesting perspective on the events that have transpired over the last 15 years to 'flatten' the world, create free trade, and in general, what has allowed individuals to be personally empowered to get things done instead of relying on government, organizations, corporations, or bureaucracy. ok.. ok... thats me putting my spin on it, but none the less, thats what i'm getting out of it.

i've made it to about page 200 and the one idea i have been struck with so far is the concept of social outsourcing. this is not directly talked about in the book, but I believe is probably the next 'big thing'. where can I put down any task I want solved and then get external bids on it from around the world, or bid by my local contractor next door. do any of these networks (websites?) exist yet?

some examples of primarily IT/IS/coding social outsourcing

thats great for those that like to code, but wheres the social network for me finding my own personal assistant in india to work while i'm asleep? where do I post my project to repaint the house and get it bid locally. where do I post a request for bid to have someone walk the dog, or buy groceries for my shut in neighbor?

i need to create a website where anyone from any where can post an RFQ (request for quote). give the option to list their location and whether it is possible to be outsourced abroad or required to be serviced from the same location. win/win for all.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

free music

and by free, i mean 'free' as in, it's in the url and actually leads to a .mp3 (128kbps stereo)

i really like

and those are 2 of the first 4 i grabbed. i wonder if my 20 months of techno is over. there is some good stuff on there.

piratebay guys

From the article:

Pirate Bay has now taken careful steps to ensure that any future raids will inflict minimal disruption to the service. "We have divided the servers up geographically—they are hidden," explains Svartholm. "If they come after us again they will only find our front end. A single metal box with a short message stuck on the front: 'You forgot to take my label writer.'"

come on down, you've got a NEW CAR

ours is green with a gray hood.

well, new as in owner, not new as in year. $800 took the beater with a heater.

1994 Hyundai Excel (non GS) 1.5L inline 4 engine, 115600 miles, 5 speed transmission, 4 newer tires + another 4 newer tires, and a new clutch installed about 2000 miles ago. aside from some cosmetic things, the car feels to be in good operation condition. values it between $700 fair and $1000 good condition.

it's built on the DODGE COLT technology, by Mitsubishi motors. I loved that car.
hoping for 32-40 mpg. This car sold originally for about $6200 and has rear defrost and a heater; NOTHING more. the engine looks naked. it's awesome.

It needs the passenger side door handle connected to the latch and perhaps a swap on the bonnet from light gray to the dark green the rest of the car is. It has the get up and go like a sloth, but to cut my fuel cost in half it could pay for it's self in a few years.

Alodia has christened it 'the crapper' - and is awesome for even considering letting it get near our home.

Reactions, criticisms, praise? bring it on.

(New heads job update: The Subaru is almost completely apart. the warmer weather has really helped as it takes much less force to get the bolts out. I was having a problem with the cam pullies, but after it hit 40 degrees outside, they popped right off)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our Cat Has Cell Technology Named for Her

so our cat is so awesome that she gets cell technology named after her.
is your cat as nerdy as ours?