Monday, November 22, 2004

bring games

everyone traveling for Turkey day needs to bring games! or bring something that you wanna do. anyone have any car racing games to bring?
types of games to bring:
outdoor (gps? snowshow?)

maybe I should rephrase this to bring an activity.
I will be bringing
2 laptops
comealong for dans slingshot (if i remember to buy it)


Sarah said...

I have eBay'd a new game that one of my friends recommended, called Hilarium, and hopefully it will be here by Thanksgiving. This year we also have Beyond Balderdash (no more calling every store in the phone book) and the awesome Wise or Otherwise, as well as traditional favorites like Dutch Blitz.

Re: the snowshoes... we may just be going for a traditional hike. The weather is not being very cooperative. I'll let Dan make the final call on bring or not bring snowshoes. Here is our weather forcast. In any case, we could still use the GPS to go geocaching or something.

I'll also mention that Daniel would love to take people bike riding if there's no snow.

forkev said...

we'll try to bring dutch blitz and maybe our huge double 18's dominos for mexican train.

i think i still have need for speed 5 if that's of inturest for racing games. good for older computers, too. (3+ years old)

i wish i knew where to purchase surgical tubing - maybe dave knows that answer to that one.

~ AH ~ said...

Medical supply store, like Norco, and that other one, that I can't remember now...

dice said...

I will be bringing some games as well but I doubt that I will have much to offer that is not already in the cash. Has anyone played 'Apples to Apples'? That is a recent favorate around here.

As far as the sergical tubing I will have to agree with Alodia as well as add Ace hardware and othere large hardware stores if you wan to pay an arm and three legs. I have seen it for as cheep as $10 a roll.