Monday, November 15, 2004

nickel papers

there is this free paper called the sparks tribune or something like that. its just another one of those 5cent papers as far as I can tell but its fun to read the adds and if I ever have some good crap to sell I'll list it there. on friday one of my friends at work saw that someone had a lathe for sale for 100$. we looked up the model on line and it looked like a nice benchtop one. so after work we headed over to check it out (fully thinking I would be bidding against this guy to get it). turns out this thing was a MONSTER. the motor alone was about 2 feet long by 10 inches in diameter. 15A 3 phase power. WAY to big (need a crane to lift it) it was still fun to look at. it must have been sitting in his yard since world war 2, cause even the tarp it was under had disentegrated.

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forkev said...

i beleive salvage for something that big is worth at least 100$.
consider it an investment in recycling.
any solid magnets in the motors? it'd be cool to see 6 feet of magnet an part of a lathe stuck to your refrigerator.