Monday, November 15, 2004

SG-1 Season 8

SG-1 Season 8 TOTALLY SUX. I am posting this here (as to not tarnish the image of k2h) in the hopes that one of the producers from stargate will actually see the folly of their ways and revert back to the ideals and scenaries of the previous seasons. things wrong:
*jack now leads the SGC. he is the best comic releif so why limit his role?
*Teal'C has hair, and is now acting more human. the strength of his character was in his formal, solid methodology. just like data in star trek. you could always count on a known response. now I dunno what to think about him.
*flashbacks, I've seen them throughout the shows, this doesn't necessarily talk about season 8, but STOP DOING FLASHBACK EPISODES. I hate watching an episode just to have 90% of the content come from something I've already seen. you don't even use a different camera angle or something, its STRAIGHT COPY. what, did the actors go on vacation? how many episodes do you guys make around 20 a year? so thats 2 weeks an episode. was somoene gone a month? CUT THAT OUT, and give us origional stuff.

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