Saturday, April 29, 2006


its how you know your DVD may not be of the legal nature.

Friday, April 28, 2006

freeze it

freeze it don't shoot it. its news in hickville: Fernly, 30 miles east of Reno

New? gmail tool

i don't know if i was unobservant or if this is a new addition to gmail (probably the former). you can send email from other accounts. so for instance i have a "professional" email that i put on my resume, my normal user name, and one i use for my bills and such. i have had the professional one and bills one forwarded to my normal one for a while now. but this week i discovered that i can be logged in to my normal one and reply/compose using the email address of the other accounts. and it can be set to respond using the account it was sent from so i no longer have to log out and log in as another user to send a reply. just what i have always wanted.

What a tangled web we weave...

when we practice to decieve.

that old saying is supposed to be about lying, but when i read this news article in the new york times at lunch i thought of it. Broken: The Code in the 'Da Vinci Code' Ruling

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Roadside Entertainment

on the cloverleaf exit that i take close to home on the way home there is some sort of root halfway through the turn that came off a truck and now loiters along the road. i have been entertained by watching this immobile object. after careful consideration of my one second glances over the past three days i have come to the conclusion that they are yucca roots. they look like sweet potatoes but are white on the inside.
Image Hosted by
what entertains you during your drivings?

Global Night Commute

Last week Alodia and I visited a church in Seattle. They had a presentation about the Global Night Commute - a nationwide event designed to raise media awareness and spur government action to help the children of northern Uganda.
This event is being held in MANY cities across the United States (as well as other countries). Currently there are over 40,000 people signed up worldwide.
The event begins THIS Sabbath evening at 7pm.
Please devote a few minutes to review the event, what it represents, and if you wish to be involved.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

coorporate speak

the one that has been floating around for awhile is soup to nuts. I'm so sick of hearing it. i'm not even sure how you turn soup into nuts, but maybe some of you do.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

fuel prices

fuel prices across usa

conclusion: idaho rocks, southern california does not.

updated by k2h

Saturday, April 22, 2006


kevs little post got me searching for what exactly do people eat, and is the lizard realy food? it led me here a website that seems to have collected peoples stories of weird food around the world. some good quotes

Tequila Worms: a not too uncommon confection is the tequila sucker--a tequila flavored lollipop, complete with worm. The first two ingredients are listed as "High fructose corn syrup, insect larva...". My question is this: if an insect larva can pass the Food and Drug Administration as an explicitly listed ingredient, what the hell's in the stuff that the FDA rejects?

Scorpian: I saw this on a video from Vietnam that my Vietnamese roommate was watching: scorpions. Another of my friends said he had eaten them, and the taste was so-so. A third friend said they were quite good, commenting, "They're bugs, aren't they, like lobster."

Lizards: These tasty reptiles are about 1 to 2 feet long and are dried and hung up in bunches at rural roadside stalls. They are more popular among ethnic, rural people than city types. I fact, when I worked on a project in Batangas City, security guards cornered a lizard over 4 feet long in a monsoon drain outside my office. They dispatched it and it was strung up, a trophy catch worth a nice bit of cash. I never tried them.

big ship

according to this the shenzhen is the largest container cargo ship, with only 19 crew and it runs windows... hmm..... that can't be good.

lizard guide

china town, vancouver BC
Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Friday, April 21, 2006


We purchased 4 Gorilla Racks (GR 2461 i believe) from Sams Club. Jens mom was in town and had a card so we got them in an attempt to clean the garage up. we are actually much more pleased with them than we had anticipated. it says you need a rubber mallet for assembly, but I don't have one of those so I used my baby sledge and a piece of particle board to dampen the blow. You have several options for assembly. you can make a wide work bench out of it, or fully assembly for a rack. it is perfect spacing for apple boxes. and the correct depth to not stick too far out from the wall. sounds like a sales pitch huh.

check out the work bench setup

don't bother with the 12 page PDF of the manual online, its 29 meg. talk about a screw up. jen thinks it may come with spyware?

Kevin the "Beatle"

I don't think any more needs to be said.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Helpful advice

We've had higher-than-average snowfall this winter, and in order to prevent massive flooding in a month or two, extra water is being released now (controlled flooding, with a decent warning). Forecastfox has been alerting me about it this whole week, but it wasn't until today that I noticed the helpful suggestion at the end.

Helpful warning

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

house on market

remember that 5% chance of calling the smog home? bump that up to 95%. tonight we meet with the realtor to get the process started. the timing is perfect. work has been exceptional sucky lately so I'm given very little motivation to not look for potential in the smog.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So, my nearly 450 miles on the road today, and successful border crossing into (gear up the theme song: Oh...) Canada gave me the oportunity to see several new vehichles including the toyota sienna. I'm sure this name was conveniently conjured from someone's memory of gradeschool - but i've got good news for you; burnt sienna manages to fall within the top 50 favorite colors according to the manufacturer, AND had it's name salvaged in 2003 from being removed.

So, this got me to thinking; the crayon almost got the ax, and the car should have - and 'burnt' is the key word...

Free Image Hosting at

fist fight -> high speed layout

this week has been a terrible start. two employees bickering, no backup from HR, and EHS got mixed in to throw things off..... no fun at all. last night to retaliate against my employees I cleaned out my office to bare minimum. my office is usually clutttered with projects and what not.... so it pretty much looks like i quit. to top it off yesterday and today i'm in a high speed PCB layout class (really good) so i'm not at my desk. my goal is to make it look like my employees drove me to quit. i fell like quiting.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

1909 VDB

Jen and I went to a friends house for easter sunday. I never realized how much people in our society celebrate this day! we never did much for it growing up, i remember when we were young we'd do the traditional easter egg hunts and kick the bunny stuff, but now that we are moderatly grown up, we don't seem to do much. my how people like to celebrate, half of the people at work were gone on friday.

anyway, so the people we went to eat with collect pennies. I was sorting through a recent purchase helping him categorize them and we ran across a 1909 VDB. about $3.50 for this penny. if it had been a 1909 S VDB, it would have been about $1,000. The VDB is on the back, at the bottom.

world population as a tree
demonstrates a very cool view of the worlds population, density, coverage, and other facts.


for years i've wondered why inexpensive large scale attacks did not take place more frequently: like those little nail spikes (bend two nails, weld at 90 degree angle and get a little piramid) dumped all over a busy freeway frequently - maybe an auto dump from over passes or something.

or why not just chop down electrical poles and lines all over the place?

semi-organized gangs of a few people could bring a city to a stand still - maybe even easier with fire.

well, i finally found a blog with MANY ideas here.
i'm pleased to announce my ideas are not origional.

i'm still looking for a radio controlled delevery system - ope, just search for 'radio' - there, there's even an idea for a ham.

new fans/lights

we payed $300 each to have the den wired for overhead light and fan, and the living room to have it wired the same. high time we get to it and replace the bare receptical cover in the celing with a real fan/light combo.

one cost $50 on closeout special (flush mount to ceiling) this one had light colored blades as an option so we put it in the den (computer rooms area) the other had 6" standoff from celining and darker blades, payed the full $89 for that one. so in the end, about $150 to put half way decient ceiling fans with light fixtures in the living area of the house. both have super quit motors. we were wondering why it costs less for a fan with decent lights than it would for just the light fixture? weird.

we shopped home depot, and lowes, and ended up buying both from home depot. installed one last night, and the other this morning.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

trunk monkey

trunk monkey

kittie door

Kittie has been inside for a very long time now. about 3 months. awhile ago I decided it was time to rebuild her route outside and get her a door. I salvaged lexan from my old design and bought a new door for $20 at lowes. I used water pipe insulation cut in half to go around the lexan and sandwich the plastic in the window jam. it worked beutifully.

after a few weeks of the install, it was obvious that kitty would never use it because she had no perch to jump up on and get back in, so jen and I went dumpster diving for some wood and in about 20 minutes I screwed two pieces of wood, sharpened the end, and pounded it into the ground with the baby sledge. I screwed a perch on top. looks like it should be perfect for femto (the cat) but she has grown so accustom to inside, and she despises our lack of landscape in the back so she mocks me by refusing to go out side. see if i ever build her another door.

if your interested in coping the design, make note that i used two pieces of lexan, otherwise it would have been very difficult to bend it into the jam. the door hole was cut, then each piece was put in the window and pushed to the edge. the cat door was screwed in (1 screw in each corner) and is what holds the two pieces apart and wedged in. foam was put on the top of the lexan and then the window pushed shut on top. sealed all the way around.

What a Cute Couple

today in church during meet and greet time in the service this old lady that frequently sits behind us with her husband greeted keith and i. then proceded to say, "you two are such a cute couple. i enjoy watching you."
well obviously she hasn't heard me speak or she wouldn't have that opinion =).

kinda disturbing

A coworker, 65ish, was getting married. Her friends decided to throw a wedding shower for her. Now I've no problem with that, except on the invite it said "we thought we would shower her with lingerie (size large, pastel colors), lotions and other fun stuff!"

She's a wonderful person, and I wish her a wonderful marriage, but somehow buying lingerie for a 60+ year old lady doesn't appeal to me. Nor does going to a wedding shower where a 60+ year old is getting lingerie...

Hi ho, hi ho, off to the honey I go...

So, this last Monday when our office was out of water*, and the boss said we'd have porta potties the next day, so do come to work, he wasn't kidding...

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

How many of you get to go to work and pee in a Honey Bucket? Boy howdy it's fun! You're missing out if you've never had this experience.

*our office is on a well. A pipe between the well and the pump had broken, and we couldn't even keep pressure in the pump. So we were completely out of water in the office. Administration let us go home on Monday, but Tuesday they had brought in bottled water, and around 10:30am the Honey Buckets showed up. At first they had both of them next to each other, so Kevin and I would head out at the same time and we could talk to each other. A strange experience, mainly because it's not normal in a work environment. Then they had to separate them because they were digging up the road and didn't want us to have to jump the ditch to get to the potties...

wedding 6'th of aug

the latest news is that little bro is tying the knot at the beginning of aug, not at the end. anyone know which city it will be in? oh yeah.. little bro claims the reason he doesn't post on nerdy is because he forgot his PW. maybe he should just create a new account?

Friday, April 14, 2006

icy loma linda

ice falling from the sky has been described here.
odd it hit so close to 'christian' baboon heart (k2h) capital. I wonder if it's a sign. end of the world, anyone?

Yo momma's so fat...

You know it's time to get some exercise done when you do this to your plane...

visually enhanced plane

east LA says hi

we fly out for jens job interview at lasierra tomarrow morning, destined to return tuesday night. we'll see how the interview goes. there is an open position for teaching right now, and there may be another one ready to open up in 2 years. on the plus side my employer has sister offices in the area (possiblity of me putting in for a transfer), so were looking at a real 5% chance of you guys having to go to LA for T-Day '06

(i moved the posting up so it wouldn't fall off the front page)

Dan's box men

Daniel draws box men.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

box men

I too was looking for the elusive Box Men, and came to the conclusion it is indeed out of style. from the looks of it it lost the appeal in about 1649

Rosenwald 1345 you can have a look at the manucscript. a whopping 7meg PDF here I think its about page 24 that has the pic. it has all kinds of other cool pictures, like can man, skelton man, thread man, jizsaw man, root man. yup.... all those went out of style in 1600's.


ReactOS definitly has some room for growth, but it may be a nice choice to get some windows programs running that linux does not support. it's interesting to say the least.
an open source clone of windows nt (2000 and xp) that is working on directX support but runs for simple stuff. cool.

this link discusses that is LIVE and that calendars can be shared to the public and published via a webpage OR rss. what a huge tool free to implement in a content managemnt system easily! google rocks.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Nielsen called last night. the person started off by saying they were not selling anything and they wanted me to represent the demographics in northern nevada. I agreed to do this and answered a few question survey.

* age of household owner
* number in household
* type of shows watched
* was I black or spanish

they then said they would like to send me a booklet to record my tv viewing for 1 week. it was all postage payed and I could send it back after. I agree to do this.

then he asked how many Tv's. I said 0 (we watch everything on computer). long dull silence....... thank you for your time. I'm really looking forward to the little pamplet but I have a bad feeling.........

so..... I would not have taken the survey, except i'm in marketing management class right now and I felt it was a good idea to get first hand knowladge of nielson and their methods.

1) they missed out on measuring video on demand trends (ABC is trying it now)
2) what exactly is a TV? just because my CRT does not have a receiver in it, does not make it NOT a television.

corny jokes for the day...

What's green, lying on the side of the road, and covered in cookie crumbs?

What's purple and goes slap slap slap slap?

What's lying on the side of the road and goes ding dong?

(compliments of my boss. It was a LONG day)

$30 million

I was calculating how much my areas manufacture in a year (getting resume info) and the areas I manage do over $30 million a year. every time I think of millions and work, I think of one of my professors in college (cross) who said "each and everyone of you will be responsbile for million dollar budgets". i guess he was right. i'm sure dans worth more tho.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I learned a new word today... very cool. I learned it while reviewing the estate documents we are working through setting up.

That's all just excited about a new word... if you go to here you can listen to a real nerdy guy pronounce it for you.

Monday, April 10, 2006

a bigger nerd then i

link that won't run into sidebar
this guy made a hybrid flat tv in the 60's that many people think was fake. after many years as a huge brain, he wrote a book about the validity of the bible. very cool.

neener neener

Today, I went to work. I sat in Monday morning meeting until 8:40ish. Then found out that the well that feeds water to our grounds has a problem somewhere, and we have no water at work. So we all got to go home. Tomorrow they expect to have bottled water for us and maybe a porta potty... ha ha.

I did a bit of work (until I had to pee) and then left work.

So I've been home since 10:45am or so, and it's just wonderful. I could handle working 3 hour days...

Friday, April 07, 2006

polaris vrs BMW

I try to ride when the weather allows and when I don't have to haul a bunch of crap cuase I dn't have a carrier yet. well..... that results in me riding so far, about once a week.

today was the big day. weather was good. I continued my exploration on a mostly offroad route back from work. this afternoon I worked on a section north of carson. I found two girls riding 4-wheelers. I explained where I was trying to go, and the older one (maybe 13?) said.. .ahh.. yeah.. thats where we are going.. follow us.

then she said "wait.. is that a dual sport?" you see it doesn't really look like it. 1200CC's compared to her 250 cc polaris. her friend was riding an 80cc 4wheeler. it had trouble on even the most basic of grades.

riding behind these two girls gave me confidence that what ever route that had found I'd be able to make it. the first big rut and the girl on the 250 had to get off and pull the front end out of the ditch to continue the excursion. it was quite a big rut, but I forgot what additional troulbe and extra set of wheels can introduce.

For most of the 3 mile trip I followed behind, in first gear, pretty much at walking speed (remember the 80cc?) I didn't want to push the girls and get them hurt so I just took it easy. half way up one hill I just couldn't take it any more and speed past them to wait at the top. the girl on the 250 said "I bet my polaris can take your BMW". I just had to smile =)

so... I added another 3 miles of offroad up and over a mountain range to my return trip. I'm up to about 30% offroad 70% street for my return trip, a very good progression to my goal of all offroad on fridays.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

my name is...

Remind me I don’t want my last name to be Assman, and I surely wouldn’t make my email bdassman@----.

Amusing, but not appropriate, especially in the church setting…

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fun People

we flew southwest for our trip to riverside (flew into ontario airport, no not canada) . on the way down keith went to put our bags in the overhead bin and we were toward the front of the line and so were surprised that a bin was already closed, like it was full. so keith opened it up to see if it was really fully and out popped one of the ladies working as a flight attendant. it was pretty funny. then the guy doing the announcements had a pretty good spiel including, "the flight attendants will now come through the cabin to make sure your chair is upright, tray table locked and up, and to make sure your socks match your shoes..." and some other stuff that i can't remember.
on the way back, the pilot was saying what the weather was in oakland (we didn't have to change planes there but did stop to let people off/get new people) and said it was 12 degrees. and just stopped. waiting for people to process that he just said 12 degrees. and then continued with "celsius, or 54 degrees farenheit." he also got on to say the seat belt sign was now off and you could wander aimlessly about the cabin but not to congregate in the lavoratory.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Not that I'll be awake...

From Nadine:

On Wednesday, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.
That won't ever happen again.
You may now return to your (normal ?) life.

Monday, April 03, 2006


i really like this picture. can anyone figure it out?