Monday, November 01, 2004

fog lamps -installed

got the fog lamps installed. bailing wire comes through again making it only necessary to drill two holes (one for each lamp) to secure it to the bumper.
I went cheep on the install and did everything under the hood - only comes on with brights, and no dash indicator lite - maybe on version 2. but the circuit is self contained and fused and requires the ignition and brights to be on in order to trip the relay - so it should work.

keith sure does know how to pic spontanious gifts.

once I get the factory fogs working, that baby'll be all light and i'll get to watch the deer splatter accross the hood instead of wondering what it was.


k2h said...

i'm glad to hear the lamps still have a life!

forkev said...

not only a life, but a good one.
i pointed thema bit up on the install, and in application can see considerably more on the side of the roads with the brights on - it really fills in between teh car and the focal point of the brights (they weaken pretty much after 75-100ft)
now, i just gotta get the other headlamp repaird (130$) so more light comes outta it.