Saturday, November 13, 2004

Kevin moment

I had a Kevin moment yesterday it was a little disturbing. I went to a doctor's appointment at St. Lukes Meridian (the new hospital by our house). My surgerywas done at St. Lukes in downtown Boise 10 days ago. They hand me a full stack of forms to fill out again. I was like "what can't you fax them over"... "um well we already have your chart but "they" want an update". Who are they and do they realize that nothing has changed. So I filled out the forms and started picking them apart, they were very non-normalized. For example birthdata:_____ age: _____ why ask the age it can be calculated from the birthdate. Then on all the family history stuff which I've filled out a few too many times now I got a little punchy and when they asked for current health status I started putting rotten and the like for the dead ones.


k2h said...

oh my goodness I hate useless forms. especially since most doctors don't read the forms and they just end up in some basement somewhere. I would have gotten a copy of all the old forms I filled out and just stapled those to the new forms. if the attendant says its not good enuf then hand them the pen so they can copy.

nice work with the rotten tho. If I made it on the form I'm sure you put 'useless' next to my name =)

forkev said...

my character has been discovered. it's called: ask why.
the birthday/age thing is hillarious.
i often take the time to scribble my responses to things on forms, like I wrote on my dentist one under 'allergies' 'sometimes avacodes' which they actually read and said there 'may' be a corrolation to latex. inturesting.
i think keith's idea is excellent. a digital camera will help if nothing else.

palegreenhorse said...

yup, the avacado is related to the rubber tree (where we get latex). keith is kinda allergic to banana, which is another food associated with latex allergy. in my opinion, a good medical place will use only nitrile, not latex, gloves since the proportion of people that show some reactivity to latex is high enough that it isn't a rare event.
interestingly this is once case that shows how "natural" isn't the best way to go. latex is a natural product while nitrile is not. nitrile gloves also provide a better barrier.