Wednesday, December 31, 2008


have you guys seen the hottrends over on google labs? i've always wanted to know what the current interest is of the internet dwellers. now I now, minute by minute. you can look back to different days as well. if i needed a way to do very specific targeted advertising, i think this might play into that.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

rainbow table

crack a windows password, up to 14 characters long in a few minutes. it just doesn't get any more nerdy than that. see project rainbow crack. i'm sure theres others, but this had a nice writeup.


I loved the stereo view things (you know, the ones where you cross your eyes and then it turns all 3 dimensional). I made a special one for the nerdy crowd. don't be stupid and try to see the small one above, click on it for a full screen view.

Some dudes over at cornell did a project with an FPGA and a TV. ahhh.. the good old days involving fun projects for projects sake, not just profiteering innovation for the investors

it is interesting to see that you can do this with plain text. I Haven't figured out how this is done, but over on hidden-3d they have an ascii generator tool you can use