Tuesday, November 30, 2004


A corporate email about our staff visioning day concluded that "Our goal is to have symbiasm." - and yes, the word was bolded in the email.

i replied to the author and asked:
Can you define symbiasm?
www.dictionary.com is not sure what it means, and tries to improve the spelling by converting it to symbolism.

this was the response:
A new word that a great person coined about a year ago.
Symbiasm is the miracle that happens when more that one entity is working in such harmony that all entities are somewhat dependant and strenthened by the working relationship. The root work comes from the word symbiotic.
There you have it.
By the way, you and -your boss- are a great example of symbiasm.

so, what do you guys think. Are we allowed to just coin buzz words?


palegreenhorse said...

tragically and wonderfully, yes we are allowed to coin words. if we weren't the language and i think culture would be stagnant.

i don't really like the term symbiasm though. it rhymes with chasm... so it doesn't invoke the proper associations in me! although the root definintion is somewhat true, it is a bit more loose than the etymology dictionary i found indicated. see symbiotic.

k2h said...

I think someones been watching to much stargate