Tuesday, November 09, 2004

cube crap

I sit in a cube that has 4 spots. that is if each person gets a corner which is pretty typical in this day and age. we had one person transfer across teh country and another person transfer to a different department (temporarily or so he claims) so that leaves 2 of us in one cube. We are much enjoying it. no one plays stupid music anymore, we waste less time in a day because there arn't as many people to talk to. all in all it just a better deal.

the problem is there is some extra desk area. so my cube mate and I have been using it off and on for some of our projects but about 1/2 of the space in the cube is unused. so a different team broght their crap to the cube for me to play with. after I was done playing with it they wouldn't take it out, because they don't have any room. so I just got a big box, dumped all the crap in. now the desks are back to clean. if they want space they can get their own. my desk is not their space.


forkev said...

excellent solution.
another is to put a board up at the corner of the cuber where it comes with the cubes around it, and build a SHELF that you claim as yours and hope no one stands up and nocks over.
also a good solution.

forkev said...

i have noticed that someone tracked in a TON of mud into my office. I live in the server room. a vacuum has NEVER been in here as long as I've worked here.

that's it. i'm left with one option. wait for it to dry and grind it into the carpet.