Tuesday, November 09, 2004

halo 2 released

Halo 2 reviewed here is released today. it's going to be a good evening.


forkev said...

after reading about XB Connect 4.1 I've concluded it may actually be worth owning an xbox.

forkev said...

another alternative is XLink Kai

forkev said...

a good evening it was.
i fear the campain mode may be too short - but the game play is excellent. amazing graphics, top notch sound, intillegent AI with some pretty impressive path finding given portions of the environment are destructable. I'm sure i'll get a few hundred hours outta this baby. very well done. bungee rocks. 50$ is like a give away considering the hours of mind-numbing eyecandy it provides.

grenade! get back!
I can still hear jim yelling. what a great game.