Monday, November 15, 2004


so there was the whole thing about the super bowl "special" which i thought was kinda funny. perhaps i wouldn't have in the past, but i do now. personally i think balancing it by showing the male streaker would have been even funnier.
anyways, i listened to "wait, wait... don't tell me" this sunday, as i usually do, to get my laughs in.
there was a rather funny mocking of these airport scanners they have in the UK now. apparently, they show people pretty well nude. the wait, wait people said that could be an ugly job, look at the people traveling--they aren't so pretty in general.
so people are mad about this nudity and others say its better than hand search.
i'm not fond of showing my body parts but this would certainly go a long way in preventing some weapons than metal detectors. so far, hijackers haven't needed to be smart about using non-detectable weapons, but i suppose they could get smart eventually.
i guess they aren't going deploy this in the US until they find a way to "mask" sensitive body areas.... what in the world? don't men typically hide guns in the groin when they are really looking to hid things? and don't women hide things in their bras? ya masking is going to improve security.
would i voluntarily go through one of these things? probably not. if it was that or hand search, i'd probably go for the scan. unless i travelled a great deal, then i'd start to worry about my lifetime x-ray exposure.


forkev said...

i say we look into ultrasonic vaporization of fuel to increase effeciency (check out those humidifiers and 'lamp fountains') so we can start alternate means of travel at a competative rate and just NOT do searches. this will be a selling point to all those people sick of searches and terrorists with huge weapons they can't fit in the masked areas of the security scanners. I beleive we can win a majority of the market in about 18 months, and then sell the whole thing to microsoft, buy an island, and not have to consider traveling ever again.

Dan said...

Okay, ya all need to spend a couple of weeks in a hospital. After you puke all over the place and get a sponge bath from a some nurse you really don't like, well, showing off a little at the airport doesn't seem so bad. Infact I really wouldn't care, if they're looking it's their problem. Although for some of us it'd be more motivation to hit the moutain biking a little harder, might actually be a good thing for the world if everyone new they would have to stand naked before their piers.

Sarah said...

Want to see something very sad?

palegreenhorse said...

although a "local" station here (comes out of sacramento) broadcasts wait, wait...don't tell me on sunday mornings, i usually listen via the internet because then i can pause and such things. so you aren't completely out of luck sarah =).