Thursday, November 11, 2004

google start page

You have all seen the plain start page, but have you seen (I like the fox) (I like the pengiun) (gotta like the devil)

for the life of me I can't find a complete list! I've heard about the firefox and linux pages, I found the BSD page myself. what else is there? see what you can find and post.


palegreenhorse said...

i don't know about other things like firefox and what not, but i did find last year the archive of their holiday stuff

forkev said...

I stumbled across the linux one on my own.

google bombs are pretty nifty, and detailed here.

"miserable failure" is one example, pointing to the biography of w. bush.

forkev said...

another is: Weapons of Mass Destruction

palegreenhorse said...

okay technically you are still talking about something on topic since you include "google"
but in my opinion google bombing falls under something other than "cool logo changes involving google." i think a comment on another cool logo would be more on topic.

forkev said...


Sarah said...

The seems to just be a two-char locale code, like is frequently used for localization. It works with all the the locale codes I can think of: es=spanish, de=german, ru=russia, sw=swahili!

Here are a few more themes:

Some of these are listed at

palegreenhorse said...

ah yes, i too noticed that the no was for a different language. tragically it added a cookie that made my default that nordic language so i had to go find it to search in english.