Monday, November 15, 2004

chronicles of riddick

So have any of you losers seen chronicles of riddick yet? its pitch black part 2. actually pretty good but since the first one was more origional I think it was better. part 2 has more action and was well done but the story just didn't jump out like me like the first one did. in pitch black if you look real close it seems that they changed the story in post production. after you watch the ending a few times just sit back and think of how many ways you could string those shots together and make it into a completely different film. first time was cool, second time was ok. third time I saw it I tore it to pieces, so now i guesse i'll have to watch chronicles of riddick as many times so I can pick it apart as well. everyone would probably like it except for jen, alodia, dan, and possible janell.. welp.. ok.. so I know kev and I will like it =)

on that note, if the rest of you never post to nerdy tails I'm gonna rename it to chronnicles of keith. don't even PRETEND that you losers actually work through lunch! dan: since your in a corporate enviroment like me I know your encouraged to take a real lunch and do something different (to ease your large mind) so take a second and clue me in on how good/bad something is!


palegreenhorse said...

if i remember correctly, the first one was more like a horror flick than action, so not my thing.
the second one was okay. the knife in the back was interesting, but the gore was a bit excessive.

palegreenhorse said...

oh ya, you better not take over nerdy tales... just because some of us don't browse the internet constantly =). we post, just not as frequently.

forkev said...

i nominate keith as my appointed white knight. (corporate takeover)
and jen can be the poison pill.

i like cron. or riddick. that was back when i could actually USE my fast connection at home until qwest got ticked and jim got scared. so now I post to nerdytales and just set my computer to record off my satalite at nite.
awe, the changes one must make when they are too cheep to spend 42$ per month for broadband.