Monday, November 19, 2007

rip saw

for a measly $200,000 we should all go in together and get one.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

nano solar

for jen, $0.30/Watt


I think i'm going to replace my long time lunch reading site of with gizmodo. gizmodo has cool stuff like robots being used as amusement rides, (see the predicessor, a robot arm used in the nissan plant that is converted, and the guy almost hits his head on the concrete). the other day I also saw some weird thing on there about encasing the ipod in clear plastic for sculptures. it just doesn't get any more nerdy than that.

and for the type-o's, you can thank stupid IE. I now am a complete deciple of the auto spell check underline feature in firefox and as you can see, I cannot operate without it as this was created in IE.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

Music Genome Project

The music Genome project was an initiative started in 2000 to apply the concept of genes to categorizing music. it looks like there is one site that uses the technology so far, Pandora radio. i'm still not completly sure how the technology works, but I think it is a little more subjective than I would like, a technician listens to the music and then puts in coeffecients for the 150-500 parameters. it looks this might be a good place to test a neural net if someone was so inclined.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Game Music

Music from video games actually has some influence on the population. probably the more you game, the more the influence, but this morning in church I thought of a 1980's NES tune that would just sound AWESOME on the pipe organ at church and I have lost much of my day trying to resurrect the video game and find the melody so I can find the original tune. I suspect the tune I'm looking for is actually a classical music piece that was modified for use in the game, but I can't remember enough of the melody to be sure, and to make matters worse, I thought I knew the name of the game it was in, but it wasn't, so my quest continues to find the tune. Once found, and if I determine the song has enough redeaming qualities to stand a chance to be played in church, i plan to make a request of the organist. I will keep it to myself that i'm pretty sure this tune is in a zombie / Dracula game. i'll know for sure once I find it.

until I find it, I invite you to look up your favorite video game and listen to some tunes. I have found a decent site with many mp3's and midi files (and educated me some on creating/ripping midi files with tools)

to make it even more interesting, In VKAGERO: DECEPTION 2 there is Keith's Battle Theme that does not invoke my best musical appreciation, but does have enough redeming sound for me to be somewhat proud of an association.

Monday, November 05, 2007

hot rod

Given Keith's handle in the BBS days, I had high hopes for this movie.

Hot Rod.

It did not disappoint.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

desktop interface

'97 - 10 Year Reunion

I'm sure many of you are curious how the 10 year reunion went...

Sat. morning Dwight Moody gave an excellent sermon. He is a very good speaker and gave the best sermon I've ever heard on genealogy.

I met a few people I knew in the cafe (yes the food is still the same, but I was hungry so it tasted good). Then we met in the old government room to chat for a while. Eventually, the photographer came by and we went out side to get our pictures taken, here is one Sarah took.

Front left is Amber (used to be Smith) with her 3rd kid and she looks great! Zane is special forces now and is active somewhere in Iraq, she is living somewhere around the Co. Springs area.

People were more mature but pretty much the same as they were 10 years ago.

We chatted for a while longer and took off (to meet my sister for my first lesson in humility). After a short 30 mile ride with my sister we got back to the shopping center where we started and most of the class had decided to meet up there for dinner. It was oriental food (which I'm not a big fan of so I just went in and said hi for the amusement of seeing what their reaction would be to seeing me in spandex :). The we went off for the rest of the week with the family... (you can read more about that on my blog).