Wednesday, June 28, 2006

little guy

this micro computer as a lot of potential.

google base

anyone seen or heard of google base. it looks like a mediocre attempt to take on craigslist. weird.

lizzy's life

after almost a year, lizzy has come back! read lizzsy's life. she dropped a quick note on my blog to let me know she was back. hurray!

Monday, June 26, 2006

something new

two weeks ago I spent about 2 hours late one night watching my windows xp computer primarly used for downloading torrents DIE because of a virus, despite the fact it had real time virus scan and frequent full scans by Avast! - which, I still think is pretty good.

I was angry enough to change something in the equation, and instead of stacking antivirus, figued it was time to raise the white flag to windows and install something a bit more cumbersome.

Ubuntu 6.06 looked easy enough to install, yet after two days I decided I was in the elite few that need the alternate disk (no live cd here) and it installed flawlessly.

I tried Azureus and about 5 other torrent clients, but none of them had the speed of uTorrent in windows. so, why not uTorrent in Linux?

I went all out and installed the newest 1.06 release candiate of uTorrent, and WINE. Well, the standard wine seems to have some problems with network in uTorrents context, so a quick upgrade to a derivitive and some command line garble (my college class of 1 week in linux is coming back to me now, no, seriously - i must have learned something)

so, check my screenshot, and just remember Ubuntu tries to be a cross over OS so hard, that it refers to VNC as remote desktop; this only took me 20 minutes of installing VNC to determine it was already there as a alias.

this was a nice boost. Ubuntu seems to have a lot of interest in their community.
I am wondering if gentoo would be faster, though.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

got sand?

board stiff or want to be? relax with a little falling sand. or maybe you want it with stick guys one similar game, slug slayer straight from bablefish translator.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


"never taken offroad" on craigslist

is a dirt road off road? because really gnarly offroad is still on a 'road'

Thursday, June 08, 2006

what's your library got?

MORE Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius is an intersting book.
By the 13th project, is has gone into great detail on how to take appart your microwave and build a gun out of it (complete with math, geometry, and theory) on page 100, it has the following:

go ahead and pickout your favorite part of of the text and post it as there are some jucy nuggets of 'wisdom' is a carefully disguised 'nerdy' book.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

gideon bible

jen and I were sitting in church today. jen picked up the bible out of the pew like the usually does to follow along with the sermon and find even more intelectual things than what the pastor covers. I look on the front cover and low and behold....... its from the Gideons! what have you guys found in the pews?