Saturday, November 13, 2004

I wish I hadn't done that

post your picture of things you have done to your car or other expensive items that you wish you hadn't done.

i, for instance, was sitting at a stop light and not paying as much attention as i should have. the suv in front of me started going forward and stopped way before i expected it to and now i own a jeep bumped with a straight line problem
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'fess up you all and learn to laugh at your own stupidity!

Sarah (it won't let me post an img in a comment): How about things done TO me?

Sarah: A special present for Kev


forkev said...

man, that's amazing!
i sure hope i don't have anything to post of this nature for quite some time!

aside from my fog lamps, i've made no changes cosmetically. and certainly nothing i regret.

palegreenhorse said...

how about your old car? that was perfect? mmm i seem to remember something about you hitting a deer with another car.

forkev said...

i can't believe you dug up that picture. I can still picture janell sobbing that her precious car was destroyed by me. (and the deer).
way to paint me as a nice guy.

oh, my honda had a dent in the hood from where kids in texas rode on the hood. i did regret that. one actually jumped, and then laid on my car. i was very upset. i'm not sure if i've a picture of the dents or not.