Friday, November 12, 2004

inventor of X

so jens article spawned a good discussion over the wall with one of my coworkers. he is adamant about how the net was 'invented' in the 60's between universities. I said.. "thats like saying Alaxander grahm bell invented the cell phone" yeah. there may have been some ground work, but the technology is totally different. I agree technology needs a starting place, but there is a time when NEW TECHNOLOGY is introduced and it becomes even more than the origional designer ever invisioned.

with that said, even tracking back when the HTTP standard was written (1989?) in stone still does not tell us who invented the internet, or when the internet we know today was 'invented' because it is build on all kinds of technology.

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forkev said...

i think God invented the internet because He created the foundation for binary logic (the choice of Yes and No) and therefore should be appropriatly credited. I believe a tithe is in order as we may have been encroaching on His idea, that although not pattented, should be appropriatly achnowledged.