Saturday, October 23, 2004

Wow, is this what the internet has come to?

Hello all, life is good, next week I get time off of work. Granted it is for surgery but you take what you can get :).

Kevin, quit causing trouble for the poor sex workers... just accept that your number is out there now.

Keith, when you get some transparent aluminum bring it up here so we can see it (or not sse it). Just remeber if you do get some, where you set it down.

Oh, and for t-day I've been saving bike inner tubes and I was thinking about making a rather large water balloon launcher. Whose gonna bring the come-along?

Other possible projects include a van-da-graph generator seeing as we have an old food processor that sarah burnt the gears out on... motor still works, could be SHOCKING....

Good job to Jen for setting this up.

1 comment:

palegreenhorse said...

ya... well having second thoughts now that there is the possibility of a large shock =)