Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Google Calc

Whats the strangest thing you can come up with to solve with the google calculator? a long running joke is furlongs per fortnight as in something is going VERY SLOW, so I went ahead and verified that
30 furlongs per fortnight = .011 mph

exactly how fast is a knot? my coworkers guessed around a mile and they were right
knot in mph = 1.15

why I had google open my coworkers began to gather, so I asked exactly how deep is a fathom? my cube neighbor over the wall spent 8 years in the navy and he replied about a mile.
fathom in feet = 660 ft (jim was a bit off)

now another coworker began to explain to me that he was going to get something fabbed on a .14 micron process. well that doesn't mean jack to me cause all the specs I read give it in nanmeter
.14 microns in nm (ok, so this becomes obvious it is a prefix conversion, but still...)

130lbs in kilos for all you drug runners out there

it even knows pi to more digits than the babolonians!

so whats the best you guys can work up / compute with the google calc?