Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sony QRIO Robot

ok.. that sucks, if I change where to post my thing in BLOG this it erases what I wrote. stupid interface.. so AGAIN, i type it all over again.

if you guys haven't seen the sony QRIO robot your not really geeks. it seems to be jam packed with geeky technology that makes us all drool. To bad its going to put the 3rd world counties out of work, the very people that assemble its little mechanical hart. see it try to fall here.


palegreenhorse said...

borg like power recharge station... gotta love that. sony's target is entertainment, very interesting target. personally i think that household chores would be better =).

forkev said...

i like the fact there are no stairs or rough surfaces on the demonstration platform.
what happens when i turn this baby loose in the house. is it going to seek out the garbage disposal and destroy it's self?