Thursday, October 28, 2004

Dump Truck parker

There was this dump truck parked on our street for about 3 weeks. It was very close to a stop sign and it was hard to see around it . I was wondering how long it was going to take to get ticketed. I drove past this thing every day as its on route in and out of the neighborhood. so after 3 weeks it gets funny chalk marks on the tires. TOTALLY chalked up. not just a single line or anything. wait.. maybe I remembering it wrong. maybe one day it had a single line on each tire and then the next day it was chalked up.. yeah.. that sounds better. it makes for a better story anyway.

so this guy shows up while I'm working in the backyard and starts it up (smoke everywhere) and drives it around the block about 5 times to try and get rid of the chalk marks. He started to slow to park it by my house and I Just glared at him so he fired it up and kept on moving.

He parked it across the street AT THE PARK. now I was sure that wasnt going to last long. When he parked he opened the door and looked at the tires so he could park it where the chalk marks wernt so obvious. he didn't make enough laps around the neighborhood.

sure enuf. after about another week it gets a bright orange ticket on the window. now I was SURE he was going to move that sucker outa there but he never did. 4 days later I think it got towed. I would have liked to see that.

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