Saturday, October 30, 2004

happy halloween

happy halloween to all you reading bumpkins (or is it pumpkins).

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these three pumpkins survived my gardening skills, amazing huh?


forkev said...

alodia says 'that's cool'
as she tries to jump rope next to me.

i'm happy the pumpkins are comfortable in the chair as they read.

k2h said...

the koosh things are about 10x their normal size. in case it's not obvious I think i should mention jen pasted them on the pumpkins. after the fact we were thinkig we should have put one on the top for real just so you could see how much she blew them up.

forkev said...

at first i thought the pumpkins were huge, and then i realized the visual reference of the little guys was misleading. how tall are those little plastic things?

palegreenhorse said...

dude... look at the picture. carefully.
the pumpkins are sitting in a chair that you know because it was at your parents house. so you know that size. then look, the plastic things are pasted on using gimp (ya neal kinda converted me). so they are totally out of proportion. the plastic things are...wait let me get out my ruler...2 cm tall.
the pumpkins are not 4 cm tall...