Saturday, October 30, 2004

10k words

I'm about the break 10,000 words according to my blogger stats. I just thought I better inform the lot o' ya.

stats since I know the rest of you are way to lazy to click something

Sarah: 104
dan: ?
forkev: 2572
k2h: 9198
Janell: 678
palegreenhorse: 52,278 (da big cheater)


forkev said...

you go cheeter, i think your molecules are self replicating.

Sarah said...

I honestly can't figure out how they get those numbers. For instance, I wrote my entire novel on Blogger last year. Plus I have like 150 posts in my regular blog. So where does it come up with 104?

palegreenhorse said...

maybe sarah's wrapped at 100,000 so she really has 100,104 words???

Sarah said...

Yay! Got it figured out. Let the record show that Sarah has 74,151 words. Plus a bunch more when I post my first NaNoWriMo post (only at 600-something so far but those were all before 6 a.m. :)).