Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Burnt Spicy Mustard

I wrote this in regards to the marylaw blog.

How does one go about answer the question of what burnt circuit board tastes like? Well.. I can assure you when you stick your head really close to something and it blows up in your face it lets you get right down and personal with it on so many levels. you see the sense of smell is directely tied to the sense of taste. I think the passages may be connected as well, but I can't get my finger all the way in to verify. From this level of personal diagnostics I have determined that my exposure to burnt circuit board is sufficent to make the claim that the BURNT SPICY MUSTARD we had at that chineese restraunt was for sure made out of BCB (burnt circuit board). in china they must route the recycleing program to the back of the restraunt.

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