Tuesday, October 26, 2004

keyboard rundown

Give us the rundown on the pda keyboard.
Working yet?


Sarah said...

Ah, the saga! It took us a couple of hours but it's working now.

A major source of frustration for me was the fact that I KNEW it had previously worked on one of my PDA's but last night I couldn't get it to. After buying new batteries and trying all the normal things, Daniel and I both went Googling... and found out that Pocketop, the manufacturer of the keyboard (somehow affiliated with MicroInnovations, the name that was actually on the keyboard), is widely regarded as the worst company for customer service ever. Arg.

The reason everyone hates Pocketop? They CHARGE for drivers. Yes, even for people who've bought their products. We had the driver from MI, but it didn't work. At all. Naturally we pursued copies of the Pocketop drivers that might be "lurking" on the net, to no avail. There are illicit versions for PocketPC, and even an open source project for Nokia phones, but nothing for Palm.

So what did we do in the end? Daniel dug through that massive directory of Palm softward Kev gave us at Thanksgiving (duh!). He's now praising that admirable quality of never deleting anything.

k2h said...

AWESOME! i really try not to delete anything as well. I think I Have about 300gig of I dunno what laying around. When is blu-ray gonna get standardized and affordable so us geeks can keep it all?

way to go kev! and I guess way to go dan for keeping that virus ridden crap kev peddles as quality.

forkev said...

ohh, baby.
I solve the solution 330 days later without even being there. nice.