Sunday, October 24, 2004

fog lamps

keith got me some excellent 55w fog lamps a few years ago for the red beater for about 15$ - mine are like the qh-6cc.
i rescued them from the beater when it died, and still managed to net 60$ from the junkyard!
so, i'm gonna put them on my subaru, but want to do it right this time.
1) the lamps be mounted out of emediate sight under the bumper (less ugly)
2) an indicator light must be in the cabin to verify the fog lamps are on.
3) the primary circuit (the one powering the fog lamps) is properly fused at 10A.
4) the source of the power is not coming from some other circuit (I don't make it cheap and just tap into the headlights)
5) there be no less then 3 options for fog lamps
a - always off
b - on, but only with high beams
c - always on (if ignition is on)

rough idea.
toggle switch: selects head lamps high beam or ignition as source of logic
toggle switch with indicator bulb: turn circuit on (and if lamps are on it lights up) else off.
single throw, quad pull 28v 5a (will run off 12v) relay to activate the circuit - found it in my grab bag
and then, of course, the two fog lamps.
anyone want to rough out the circuit for me?

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