Thursday, October 28, 2004


i'm getting fed up with people just pushing windows or linux.
common. use the right tool for the job.

Cooperative Linux (coLinux) claims to run linux inside windows - giving you the best of all worlds (no vmware, no wine)

anyone want to try it out?


palegreenhorse said...

ya i dunno about that one.
running a super stable complicated os inside a super bugging bloatware os just doesn't sound like a good idea. it is like that stuffed camel dish. sounds like way too much trouble for a horribly bloated dish.

forkev said...

wow CRAP
who has a recipe that calls for an entire camel.

I do like the conclusion that ms is buggy and *ux stable - yet have to conclude that ms OFFICE is still the staple of the business world. last i checked, linux had gold achievement on office 200 - and maybe bronze on office 2k3 - i fear there'd be more complications in an office environment to go the other direct (mac / osX users - what are you using for ms office? is it up to speed with office2k3 on the pc?)

k2h said...

nice camel dish! and the elephant joke was pretty good too.

at home I am running OOO ( and yes, you have to put the .org after it. I looked it up.

for what I need, spreadsheet, presentation, and glorified texteditor / formater it is VERY MUCH on par with office97, the last major update to office.

forkev said...

uhhh, office has grown a bit since 97.