Friday, October 29, 2004

jen fixed something!

so since i took keith's laptop (and now he took mine to run knoppix which is looking pretty good) i added a log in for myself so i wouldn't trash on keith's special desktop. (it consists of random icons randomly spread on the page and still has the nasty compaq wallpaper.) so at home i couldn't figure out why the wireless card would work on keith's log in and not for mine. keith was saying something like i needed to clone his account and move all my stuff over to the cloned account. first off, he couldn't figure out how to do that with windows xp home. second off, that sounded like a lot of work when shouldn't there be a setting somewhere. indeed there was a setting. and i found it. in keith's account i looked at the properties of his wireless connection and he had set it to only work for his account! see on my old laptop (now keith's new one) i always installed things for all users even though i had only one account on the computer. it took a while for me to consider that keith wasn't that smart =) hehehe. okay he is way smarter on computer stuff than me and i am just happy that this once i was able to fix my own computer, see as i am so good at destroying them as of late.


forkev said...

clone account (documents, and some settings)
by copying the entire documents and settings/user account to yours EXCEPT the hidden files in the root of user that say NT.. or something. those are unique id's.

k2h said...

in win2000 i thought there was an actually button somewhere to copy an account to a new user.

i think they intentionally stripped down winxpHOME to make it even more difficult for the commoners. way to go MS