Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Studded Snows

I just had a 'debate' with a coworker, defending myself as to why i'm not a loser for using studded snow tires. according to him the only people that should use them are people that live in heavily snowed upon climates like lake tahoe. His argument was that the studs TOTALLY DESTROY the roads and make for terrible commuting times because the roads are getting resurfaced because a few people use studded snows.

At the time I didn't have much of a defence. I muttered something about how I only use them after the snow has set in (will probably put them on in november) and that I take them off early in the spring. I don't run the whole season with them. THen i said something about how studded snows have kept me from sliding through intersections.

His response was I was going too fast.

My new defence, since I've had time to think about it.
* my car weights 2900 pounds. studs are small, and last 30-40k miles. tell me again exactly how much damage i'm doing to the road?

* america is still free. you have the right to drive a jacked up F350 and never haul a load in your life. You get 10 miles a gallon, polute the environment, make tons of noise, and hog the road. you risk killing someone when you crash. I have the legal right to run studs. I also pay for it just as much as you do with my tax on my (current) $2.35/Gal Fuel.

* studs are something I can do to increase my safety and those around me. it is a cost almost entirely on my shoulders since the cost of my studded tires probably way exceeds the 'damage' i'm doing to a public road. don't make me whip out a calculator cause I could probably prove it.

In conclusion:
I've never meet someone so passionate about me recking THEIR road. wow. I hope the guy that slides into him doesn't have studded snow tires so he can be proven correct by his own ignorance.


k2h said...

make that 2.50/gal. thats what I saw on the way home. I think The price of fuel went up more than what my raise will cover. isn't that nice.

Dan said...

My experience says studs are cheap insurance and allow me to focus more on the entertainment (sking / snowshoeing / getting to work) than on slipping around.

Also, since studded use is already factored into the taxation structure we may as well do what we can to protect our personal interests.

This is the same reason I prefer to use a credit card to buy things, it benefits me and nearly all retailers have already built the 3% into their pricing structure.

In the end you're probably just smiling and nodding because there are a lot of people who simply wish to argue. In one of the books we read in a small group recently something stuck out. We all look for validation and personal worth in our lives. Many people look to their jobs, or families, or spouses. But all of these things will let you down. We need to find our validation in God and nowhere else (especially not studded snow tires :).

forkev said...

good rebuttle dan.
maybe it demonstrations this dude is insecure.

keith: 2900 lbs?!
wow. that's a tank. mine is like 2300lbs.

Janell said...

The people that need to be blamed for ruining the roads are those who drive with chains on down the middle of College Ave. when there is NO snow on the roads. Even if they came from where there was lots of snow they could be courteous enough to take them off when they were not longer needed. (That reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons.)