Saturday, October 30, 2004

math games

okay so criticize if you want. keith and i play games or do something slightly distracting during the sermon so that we don't criticize our pastor too much. we understand that the last pastor offered everything we wanted in sermons but that many people didn't like those sermons; so now it is those people's turn to have a pastor they like. so instead of getting all mad, we just try to pay attention enough to get something positive out of the sermon and not enough to be able to deconstruct the sermons since we don't like how information is presented (or sometimes the information itself).
today we played math pattern recognition games. as in fill in the next number (or in two cases item) in the sequence or just give the pattern function. so here they are for all you other nerds out there if you want a stab at them.

4 12 132 17,292
1 1 2 3 7 16 65
1 1 2 10 12 22 111 210 1021 (you've seen this sequence before just not in this way)
O | (insert picture of a square)
H He Li Be B C N
1.5 3 1.5 (not 3, ask keith for a hint on this one)
4 3 7 7 (think cheap calculator)

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forkev said...

my answer is 'Jesus' to each of them.
according to a children's story the other week where it promised to give kids 'cheating' answers to other children's stories, they said that at the end of each children's story that ends in a question, the answer will be Jesus.
the funny thing is, kids now answer several questions during the children's stories this way - some without thinking. like q: how many insects are in the world?
little kid blurts out a: jesus. very funny for those of us that remembered the talk a few weeks ago.