Thursday, October 28, 2004


i know this is not nerdy, or much of a tale, but here goes.

there is this guy at work (who for the purpose of me keeping my job will remain un-named as he's above me in the corporate food chain) whom i've noticed itching his butt several times in the past few days.
now. this leads me to several reactions.
1) why am i watching/ noticing this?
2) LOOK AWAY!! (YET can't)
3) what could be so itchy?

I've concluded i'll try to avoid him so i dont' have to poder this too much.

this reminds me of church last weekend where alodia and I noticed this girl who kept pulling her underwear out of her crack during song service. alodia thought she could have used a better time to do that, like during prayer. oh yea, and she was in the 2nd pew. we all had a looksee.

maybe next week will be people wearing mismatched sock week, or something, but as far as this week is concered, i do cristen it butt week.


onscreen said...

Hey! What's wrong with itching your butt?

palegreenhorse said...

yes, why is it that we notice things like butt scratching and underwear digging and yet i don't notice hair color or things they wish we noticed. oh well. i hope next week is notice socks week; it is much more appealing to talk about than butts.

forkev said...

there is nothing wrong with itching your butt or underware digging: i'm just saying i don't want to be remotely involved.
hmmm, that's funny to me. does that imply i'd be involved if it were not remote?
anywho - people have noticed my haircut - and have the notion to ask me 'did you get a hair cut'
i've been telling most of them no, and then asking what they are talking about . i went from abou 3" of hair to about 2/3" hair - maybe they are noticing something other then butts.

k2h said...

nice haircut! i think you stole that idea from ME.

as per above, I love butts. I will cristen the week on my calander at work for this year AND next year so I can take advantage of it.

since people feel so inclined to ask about your haircut, you should respond with 'does your butt itch?'