Tuesday, October 26, 2004

the recording

I got a copy of my credit report from the big 3. score 774 (excellent) - lowered probably 'cuz of my 2k in credit that i hardly ever use and never carry a ballance.
I called to cancel my account with privacyGuard after getting my info, and got the song and dance about identity theft, get a report for someone else in your home for more money/time - track usage of you SS# - 10$ per month.
i finally convinced them i was happy without their service. they asked me if I wanted a free 25$ gift certificate. I said 'well, ok' (the words of a fool)
and was transered to a *recording* about how i'd get this 25$ cert. if i paid 1$ and activated another account.... and then it asked me at the end "Does that sound good to you"
I thought out loud and said 'not really' and it asked 'why'.
Amazing! that speech recgoniztion sofware is really moving up in the world!
I then thought for a split second,and realized someone had been READING this all to me,and there was actually a person on the other end. I had to do a bit of backpeddling to justify my answer so the PERSON could understand - and here i was just expecting to press 1 or something.


palegreenhorse said...

two things contribute to you not have an even better credit score: time you have had credit (not carrying a balance doesn't matter, just having it available does) and being a man. keith's average score was 775 in june and my average was 798. i opened a credit card sooner than keith and in talking with my dad i found out women just have better scores. you should've checked alodia's =).

forkev said...