Friday, October 29, 2004

its my car syndrome

I've often wondered if I'm the only one, but it seems no matter what car I own, I actually see MORE of them on the road. If I have owned it, I am more often to notice it, if I"m currently owning it I deafinatly notice it, and admire how somone as intelectual as the other driver made a good choice like I did in choosing the car.

am I the only one here? or does familiarity make a person notice it? this could bring me down a slippery slope and I"m sure kev will blaze the trail for this is the reason that all men notice pretty women cause there 'familar' with them? yeah.. lets get an argument on that.


forkev said...

even before we got the outback, we noticed a whole lot more of them: which demonstrates that we should purchase an outback. so we did. now they are everywhere. we notice more and more.

i do notice a lot of golf's and especial tdi's - so maybe that should be our next car. we've got the good awd - now we need economy. next we'll get some little sports car. what do you think?

palegreenhorse said...

so, since i don't notice subaru's i should not get one in the future. i was thinking of getting one eventually since they have the best gas mileage for an suv. mmm interesting thought. i still notice the jeep cherokee. i really like them. i notice other golf tdi's too. there is one that belongs to a guy that is working for dri building a terawatt (yes that is right) laser. he has a sticker on the gas cover door thing, the sticker looks like the intel inside green swirl but it says deisel inside. i think it is quite clever.
so if you are happy with your subaru, then ya you should get a tdi golf if that is the next car you notice.
in terms of noticing cars, when i rode around with my parents i only noticed similar cars when i like my parents cars. like my mom used to drive a honda civic. i didn't notice those. but when she started driving a a wrangler i noticed other wranglers with higher frequency.

forkev said...

i should put a logo on the drivers door that says 'nerd inside'
i could sell the logo stickers off this blog.
then i'd have enough for a vw tdi car.
and depending on my order rate, it could be made either it germany, or by matchbox.

k2h said...

I'm pretty sure mine was made in mexico. its pretty easy to tell I guesss, if the vin starts with a 1 it was germany, 2 is somwhere else, and 3 is mexico? yeah.. can't remember, and seeing that i have better things to memorize than my VIN i can't even say for sure it was mexico...

but it does have a 10yr warranty against rust. I wonder if I can get it to rust if they'll give me a new car?

saltySLUG here we come.

Sarah said...

I like your sticker idea. I liked the tie idea, too. You need to get busy.

Janell said...

Since I got my Toyota I definitely notice more of them around. I did notice Mazda's when I had it but there weren't very many of them at least of a similar vintage. I did notice one the other day on the side of the road looked like it had been abandoned. Doubt I'll be seeing many more of them in the future.