Sunday, October 24, 2004

community bonus pack 2

anyone play any of the unreal2k4 community bonus pack 1 or 2?
i think we played 1 last year, but i'm hopping to spice things up with 2 this year.
anyone game?


Sarah said...

Haven't done anything with community packs, but I'm up for it.

forkev said...

excellent maps, especially in pack 2.
well worth it.

palegreenhorse said...

now kev, what is alodia wanting to do. we all know who played shoot my head off last year, and i wrote nanowrimo (which i hope to be done with before thanksgiving this year). so that leaves alodia and i to do something else... mmm perhaps if you all are going to play that we'll find something more exciting. dunno what yet, but i'll think of something.

forkev said...

i beleive alodia wants to do something other then watch movies, play games, or build some horrible huge, highly functional catapult device.
but, the specifics, have not been targeted for my ear yet - so we should has her.