Saturday, April 15, 2006

What a Cute Couple

today in church during meet and greet time in the service this old lady that frequently sits behind us with her husband greeted keith and i. then proceded to say, "you two are such a cute couple. i enjoy watching you."
well obviously she hasn't heard me speak or she wouldn't have that opinion =).


k2h said...

i'm not sure i'd actually tell someone I liked watching them even if I did like to watch them. its kinda Creepy with a big C.

forkev said...

i'm surpised pinky didn't pop out of the wood work just to drive home the gansta style hand sign 'c' for creapy.

i love people at church. they are such a good cross cut of society. I get a heafty dose of 'reality' there. LIke, take today's sermon for instance - at the very end the conregation was making pushing motions with their hands to help 'move' the grave sign off, but it's the 'power of the holy spirit' - yeah, well, at least TWO in the audience were confused, and we could barely watch.

k2h said...

wow...... I just do a quick check to make sure no one was 'celebrating', wouldn't want to get confused with taht crowd.