Saturday, April 22, 2006

lizard guide

china town, vancouver BC
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k2h said...

this last week in my marketing managment class the topic was global markets. the instructor was from romania (guest lecturer) and had a very good perspective. us U.S. folks have a real imbred sense of reality.

anyway... the comment was made that most developing nations are must more home business oriented and have a longer sense of business. get americans to send their designs to us, we'll do it for practically free, and when the contract is up we'll sell their junk back to them without any infrignement. more often than not we setup the tooling and training and they after we show them how to do something, what do you expect? for them to change a few minor things and put a new lable on is pretty straight forward.

anway... I like the ....uhh... what are those, lizzards? better than the 'guide' cookies. from the looks of it, the lizzards were cheaper than the cookies? was the stick to keep the tail from breaking off?